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Staff Directory

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David Sartain, Branch Manager, PRWS

As a kid, David would always accompany his grandfather hauling full truckloads of grapes during harvest. At the delivery point, while his grandfather was waiting in line to deliver his load, David would find himself wandering over to the crush pad. Fascinated by all the machinery and coordination it took to perform crush operations.

As young adult David served in the United States Navy. While on active duty he was stationed to an F-14 squadron where he learned the key fundamentals of organization.
David Sartain
David Sartain
At the end of his enlistment he transitioned over to the active reserve side of the Navy where he was assigned to a Naval Beach Group unit. With this experience he earned the privilege of being responsible for not only the administrative department in homeport, but Bay Traffic Control while on deployment.

Upon completion of his military enlistment, Dave returned to Santa Maria to attend college for Computer Science. He earned his certificate, but was unsatisfied with this chosen field. He decided to spark up his childhood fascination by re-enrolling in the offered Vituculture/Enology program. This gave him gainful knowledge of wine and the ability to continually meet wonderful people in the industry. David happily serves Paso Robles Wine Services as their Branch Manager.

E-mail: dsartain@prwineservices.com





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