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Staff / Contact



Paso Robles Wine Services
6305 Buena Vista Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Tel.: 805-318-6800  Fax: 805-226-7459
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Michael Brughelli
Director of Winery & Grape Sales / Acquisitions
Phone: 805-318-6586
Email: mbrughelli@prwineservices.com

Marshall Miller
Phone: 805-318-6412
Email: mmiller@prwineservices.com

Clay Brock
Director of Winemaking 
Phone:  805-318-6718
Email: cbrock@prwineservices.com

Richard Mather
Business Manager 
Phone:  805-318-6707
Email:  rmather@prwineservices.com

Jason Waltmire
Phone:  805-318-6801
Email: jwaltmire@prwineservices.com

David Sartain

Project Manager 
Phone:  805-318-6812
Email: dsartain@prwineservices.com

Nicholas Miller
Phone: 805-318-6411
Email: nmiller@prwineservices.com

Stephen Miller
Phone: 805-318-6410
Email: smiller@prwineservices.com


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