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A Brief History Of The Paso Robles Wine Services



Founded in the fall of 2002, the Paso Robles Wine Service was started to answer a need for a facility such as the Central Coast Wine Services for winery operations in the Paso Robles area. In many ways, the Paso Robles operation duplicates the Central Coast operation, though initially it will serve small wineries and warehousing requirements of any size customer.

Started in a leased building, the PRWS rapidly expanded into two rented buildings and outgrew those. Starting with crush in 2006, the PRWS moved to its own facility specifically designed for winery operations. This building was constructed on a parcel of land near the Paso Robles Airport, and has expanded to approximately 156,000 square feet.

Since its inception, the PRWS has greatly expanded its business to include well over 20 Alternating Proprietors. The strength and quality of the winemaking continues to grow under the leadership of head winemaker Chris Brown and business manager Richard Mather.

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